Manufacturer: ETO Doors



*Doors are unfinished (picture shows finished door) PRE-HANGING WITH MATCHING MAHOGANY JAMBS Single Exterior: Add $329 for Exterior pre-hung Single Door unit with matching Mahogany Jambs. Double Exterior: Add $549 for Exterior pre-hung Double Door unit with matching Mahogany Jambs. PRE-HANGING WITH PAINT GRADE JAMBS Single Exterior: Add $249 for an Exterior Single Door pre-hung unit in finger-joint pine paint grade jambs. Double Exterior: Add $399 for an Exterior Double Door pre-hung unit in finger-joint pine paint grade. SHIPPING Flat Rate Shipping: $299 for the first door + $35 for any additional door. Possible Configurations: Single Double w/ Left Side Lite w/ Right Side Lite w/ 2 Side Lite Double with 2 Side Lite The mahogany Monte Carlo is available in six standard sizes and can also be made to meet the measurements of any entryway in your home, though it is generally used as a front or rear exterior door. The gorgeous mahogany outline of the door is the perfect outline for the opaque or clear glass you choose, both of which look gorgeous beneath the wrought iron design work laid across the entirety of the glass portion of the door. The Monte Carlo can be safety rated to your specifications as well, so be sure to let us know if this is something you want and which rating you would like for each. ETO Doors also offers this door in customized shapes and sizes, and the Monte Carlo is also offered as a single door, double doors, or with side-lites, depending on the size and shape of your entryway. This is a pre-hung door model, perfect for new construction and remodeling. The engineered construction of our mahogany exterior door utilizes fused, solid wood pieces that are laminated with a solid 3mm thick clear face for superior appearance and strength. This engineered door offers greater protection against warping, cracking and splitting. Solid core construction provides for a much quieter environment. Our unique integral panel design will not shrink or split and there is no possibility of stile and rail separation. Our mahogany exterior doors are shipped sanded and ready to begin the painting/finishing process. All of our Mahogany Doors include dual clear glass with a tempered bug. These Mahogany doors are Exterior Grade and can be used for interiors as well. Our doors are the highest quality available in the market today. Don't be misled by our competitive pricing (we are able to keep our pricing down by selling a large quantity of door everyday!). These doors are great for front, patio, balcony or bedroom entrances.